Whatsapp Tricks

whatsapp tricks

Whatsapp application has gained popularity among people who are looking for instant messaging software for their smartphones. However, there are some tricks in Whatsapp that many people do not know. Some of the whatsapp tricks are listed as follows:-

Disable last seen on whatsapp
Probably due to certain reasons such as to avoid awkwardness or miscommunication, people do not like the last seen in the whatsapp. However, many people do not realize this but in the latest version of whatsapp for iphone, you can actually disable the last seen for whatsapp by going to the Settings and then choose advanced. There you will see the last seen timestamp. Just turn it off. It is that simple. However, for Android users, you can do this neat trick if you want to avoid the last seen. Just disable your mobile data and wifi connection to your cellphone. After that, you open the whatsapp and read the message that have been sent. After that, you can safely connect back your mobile data and internet. Since you have read the message when you are off the internet, it will not show that you have read the message.

Whatsapp Sniffer
This is one trick that a stalker or any busybody would want to know. The system that Whatsapp uses are based on a version of the open standard of Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. Communications through Whatsapp are not encrypted and therefore all data sent using Whatsapp are in plaintext. This means the data sent can easily be hijack if the packet traces can be detected. So, there are several apps in the market such as the Whatsapp sniffer in which it can easily obtain your data and also chat messages in the whatsapp. As long as you are connected within the same wifi. So, please beware if you are using a free public wifi because probably someone is sniffing your chat in the whatsapp.

(Updated 16 August 2016: WhatsApp are now secured with end-to-end encryption)

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Using multiple whatsapp account on a single device
Based on standard rules, whatsapp advises its users that any attempt to frequently switch whatsapp account between devices can led to your account to be blocked. The whatsapp is also based on your sim number and therefore allows only one single account for a single device. So, all you need to do is to have a second sim for your device and then install an app such as SwitchMe that allows you to log in to the devices in multiple accounts. It is similar to a log in in your desktop computer in which you will have your own system settings, apps and information.