Whatsapp Ticks

So, you just downloaded the whatsapp applications and starting to use the app to message some of your friends. But, then you noticed that this is not the same as your normal text messaging in your phone. It got the ticks besides every messages that you send and also received.

So, what does the tick actually means? These ticks or the official name from whatsapp is checkmarks. It is an important feature in which it notifies you that a message has been successfully delivered. A one tick or checkmark indicates that the message has been delivered to the whatsapp server. So, if you got a one tick message, it means that the message have been sent to the server but not yet received by your intended person. If your message has two ticks, it means that the message has been successfully transferred from the server to your intended person that you want to communicate. However, this does not apply to a group chat message. A group chat message would only show one tick only. And if you wondering why there are some messages have one tick only, it can be due to many reasons such as your chat partner have not open yet their phone or probably do not have any internet connection. Other reasons, probably their phone might be off. So, the tick plays an important function of giving us the certainty that the messages have been sent and also received by the intended chat partner.