3 Way Facetime

Facetime is an application introduced by Apple for its devices specifically for video communication. It is embedded in its products such as Macbook, iPhone, and iPad to name a few. The Facetime allows a two way video communication between one Apple devices to another Apple device. Facetime uses email address and also phone number as the contact details for the application. If you want to know the basic concept of Facetime you can read it here on this article what is Facetime and its usages.

However, the limitation of Facetime is that it only allows a one to one communication only. This means it does not support a multiple and also 3 way Facetime video communication. The only application that Apple have developed for multiple person video calling is through iMessage. The iMessage is formerly known as iChat and it is only available for Mac. To have a video conferencing using iMessage, you need to have an AIM Id or Jabber Id. But, if you own an iPhone, you actually can do a 3 way conference call or even multiple conferencing call.

First Step
The first step is you can start a call by placing a normal call to your intended contact.

Second Step
Then once the call is pick up, you can select the Add Call button to make another call while the person that you are currently communicating is still on the line.

Third Step
After the second person pick up their phone, you then select Merge Calls on the touch screen. You will now have a 3 way teleconferencing via your iPhone.

Fourth Step
If you want more people to join in, you can also select the loud speaker and other people in your room can also join the conversation.

Learn more on how you can fully utililize Facetime by making conference call using Facetime. Facetime conferencing has the added advantage of cheaper conference call compared to using landed line services as well as the ability for a seamless connection and interactionIf you want to know how to add people as you open up Facetime, you can read it here on how to add people on facetime. However, the Facetime application will not always work seamlessly and if your connection are having problem, you can learn more on why your Facetime is not connecting.