3 Way Skype Communication

Skype is an instant messaging application that provides cheap, fast and reliable connection to users of the internet. It also supports video call as well as text messages. If you installed Skype in your mobile phone or computers, you probably have used it for a direct one to one communication. However, Skype also provides the ability for a 3 Way Skype communication or group video call.

In order for your application to be able to do the 3 Way Skype communication, at least one of the member in the group must have a Skype Premium in either personal account or business account. If you do not have a Skype premium account, you will not be able to start a group video call but you can join one. A smooth group video call will highly depend on the speed of each of the member’s broadband internet connection. You will also need the basic things for a video communication such as a webcam to transmit your video feed, a microphone for you to transmit your audio feed and also a speaker, so that you can receive the audio transmission from your group members. Please note also that once your Skype is in video group mode, the screens of each persons are shrink to an equal size. This will make the video box screen of your member seems smaller and therefore harder for you to see your group members. In order to avoid this, you can select the Dynamic View Mode. You can turn on this mode by selecting the monitor icon and select the control toolbar. Switch on the Dynamic View. When this option is turned, the video window screen of the person who is talking will appear at the top and will have a larger size.