How to Backup Whatsapp Messages

Whatsapp has grown in popularity and many users are now using Whatsapp for their text messages. Some of the interesting conversations and also informations are shared using the whatsapp platform. However, users also sometimes needs to change phones or uninstall the apps for various reasons. One interesting features of Whatsapp is the ability to back up the messages in case you need to delete the app or want to change phones. This features ensure you will have your previous messages intact.

For Android users, In the Whatsapp application, choose the menu button and then choose settings. And then choose chat settings. It will then show a Backup Conversations option. Click on that option and then the application will start to back up your messages. You can also export your chat messages history by using the email chat history features. If you are using Android, all you need to do is to tap and hold on the conversation. Pick the email conversation and choose the attach media. Your chat history will be attached and save in text (.txt) document. However, if you are using iPhone, before backing up your message you must set the iCloud open first. You can do that by going into the iPhone settings and then choose iCloud and pick Documents and Data. This option must then be turned on. You must have ample space in the free iCloud for your iPhone to back up your whatsapp messages. For Windows phone, it is a bit easier. Just go to main chat screen, choose settings and then chose backup. You can also export your chats in the windows phone by tapping the three dots in the bottom right hand corner. You can then choose info screen and then tap email chat history.