Does Facetime Cost Anything?

The Facetime application is bundled into the Apple Devices such as iPhone, iPad and so forth. It is an application in which you can opt to do video calling instead of normal phone call through a network operator. Facetime works well through Wi-Fi or wireless internet. So the question some user will have is the concern whether Facetime will cost anything or not? The answer is depending on the source of internet that your smartphones are using. This is because Facetime totally depends on internet for the communications.

The internet connection is done via Wi-Fi or also 3G network. If you are tapping into a free public network, the cost for using Facetime is almost zero because you are not paying anything for the access to the internet. However, if you are using your own Wi-Fi connection, the only cost that you need to pay is the cost of the internet subscription. Facetime does not use the normal channel of communication as your normal phone carrier network. This phone carrier network charges you per minutes on every communication you made using your line. Facetime is different as it uses the internet as a means of communication. That is why video data can be sent to you on a real time basis. However, if you subscribed to a data plan or 3G with your cellphone network operator, the only cost that you need to pay is the subscription data. This can be unlimited plan and also per minute charges. There are also the pre-paid data plan in which you paid first before actually using the data. So, in this case, the cost of using Facetime depends on the amount of data delivered and transferred into your phone. Any other cost of using Facetime would be the electricity from the battery of the phones in which you need to charge it using either your own electricity or other place such as your office. So, using Facetime can be said as a cheaper alternative of communication as compared to the normal phone call.