Facetime using Apple TV

For people who have purchased Apple TV, you might be interested to know that the Facetime application that is being used in your iPhone or iPads can also be used in your Apple TV. Probably the reason is that they want to share the video communication with a broader group as the TV can be seen in a larger group of people. This can be done by using Airplay. So, if you are not familiar with Airplay, Airplay is basically a service provided that allows multiple Apple devices to be connected through stream audio and video.

So, by using Airplay you can play any media from a single Airplay compatible sources such as your iPhone or iPad. This source of video or audio can then be transmitted to any Apple Devices such as Apple TV as long as it is in the same network. So, how you want to setup the Facetime using Apple TV? Below are the steps required for using your FaceTime on an Apple TV.

Step 1
First you have to make sure that the devices for opening up the Facetime such as iPhone is within the same Wi-Fi network of your Apple TV.

Step 2
You can then open the Facetime application in your iPhone or IPad. Then double click the home button. This will show the Fast app switcher.

Step 3
Tap on Airplay and then select Apple TV the source to transmit the video.

Step 4
Click on the mirroring as you would want to use the iPhone for communications and the video will mirrored in the Apple TV.

Bonus tips
However, the next best tip you would want to do is to put your iPhone or iPad just above your Apple TV. This is to create a more natural conversation as you would be looking towards the TV and therefore facing your camera. This would create a natural Facetime experience because if not you would be looking at different place besides the camera in your iPhone or iPad.

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