Forgot Skype Password

The one common problem Skype user normally experienced is that they keep forgetting their Skype password. Together with many other internet and email accounts, they tend to forgot Skype password and which password is used for which account. However, this problem can be rectified immediately by knowing your registered email under the Skype account. Sometimes, there are users that have multiple Skype accounts. So, this makes it hard for the user to keep track of all the password for each of the Skype account.

However, if you forgot skype password and try to retrieve back your password for the Skype account is quite an easy process. What you can do is immediately visit their website In the user login column, it will asked you to fill up your Skype name and password. So, if you forget your password just click on the forgotten your password link. A new window will then request for your registered email. Enter the registered email and you will get a verification code sent. Go to your email and copy the code. A link will be shown in the email in which it required you to paste the code into the specified box. Once done, you can then reset your password. It is an easy process however the critical thing to know here is to remember your registered email with the Skype account. Since Skype has been acquired by Microsoft, people who have Skype will need to create a Microsoft account that will give you a Microsoft email by default. So, if you already have an email address @outlook, @Hotmail or, you are considered to have a Microsoft account. So, you can also use this account to sign in to Skype.