Facetime Troubleshooting

Facetime is an application that was introduced by Apple since the introduction of iPhone 4. The application allows people to video call other people with a seamless connection via Apple devices that includes iPad, iPhone and so forth. However, there are some troubleshooting that is needed whenever there is some connection problem or if you could not open the application. First off all, if you have trouble opening the application, make sure that your Apple device is installed with the latest version of the iOS.

You will then need your Apple ID and also an active Wi-Fi connection for it to function. However, Facetime can also work well in a cellular data network connection. So, if you are not connecting to Facetime using your cellular data network, it means either you have run out of your data coverage or you are not subscribed to any data plan from your network operator. Facetime works well with high speed broadband as well as fast internet connectivity. You may experience some interrupted connection if you are using a low speed internet or broadband. Expect line of communication and also video outage to be broken from time to time. Another tips to get your Facetime up and running again is to just switch off the application and restart it back. You can do this by holding down the home button and wake button at the same for ten seconds. This will restart your iPhone or iPad. After it restart, open again the Facetime application. If all fails, you can also quickly go to the Apple user’s forum to search for the troubleshooting answer. The website is at discussions.apple.com and you will see many user postings their problems that they face with Apple devices and software including Facetime. You will get some great tips on Facetime troubleshooting there.