Why People Use Google Hangout

Google Hangout is basically an instant messaging software developed by Google to replace their previous instant messaging software that is Google Talk, Google Plus Video Chat and Google Messenger. Launched in May 2013, this software has been developed to be a cross platform software which can held video group conference, audio as well as text messaging. However, Google Hangout are much known for its video group communication ability. Certain political personalities as well as celebrities have used Google Hangout as a means for interactive communication with their followers and fans. So why people used Google Hangout?

One big advantage that Google Hangout has is its ability to be used cross platform and in various devices. Regardless you are using a smartphone, laptop or desktop, as long as you have a Google account, you can easily use this application. Unlike other video Instant Messaging software such as Facetime, Google Hangout also allows you to talk with multiple people at once. You can send messages in group discussion up to a limit of 100 people. With this application also, you can organize a video call with up to 10 people. Because of this feature, people are using the application for many creative things. One of it is to open up a quick brainstorming session without the need for you to leave your house. It is like any brainstorming session in which there will be facilitator or group chairman, but it is all done using video group conference via Google Hangout. Other creative ways people are using Google Hangout is to do a music performance or concert in which an artist or singers invites other people to watch them perform via Google Hangout. So, it is a cool way for an artist of getting personal and in touch with their fans and followers. Other people are also using Google Hangout as a virtual classroom in which they would teach people via the video streaming Google Hangout and teach them skills such as showing them cooking lessons, playing guitar lessons and many others. So, Google Hangout basically opens up many different possibilities as we can connect to other people in many various forms.

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