How to Open Hangouts

One of the popular Google product is the Google Hangouts application. It is a cross platform application designed for instant messaging channel among internet users by various forms such as video, audio as well as text messaging. In order for you to open a Hangouts session, you would first need to have a Google account. If you already have a Gmail account or a Google+ account, you are considered already to have a Google account.

If you are using a desktop computer, just open your Google+ account. Notice on your upper left is hangout icon. Just click on that and it will shows your circle of friends. Click on one of your friends and you can start your hangout chat by text message. You can also start a video hangout by clicking on the video icon. There is also a group icon hangout in which you can invite more people into the session. If you are having a video hangout, you can invite up to ten people. One good thing about Google Hangout application is that you can chat with your friends through various devices. You may use desktop and chatting with your friend that are using mobile devices. Another cool thing you can do with Google Hangout is that you can start a Hangout party in which you can connect with up to ten of your friends. You can share YouTube videos as well pictures and also Google Docs via the Hangout party. People have used various creative things with the Hangout party such as doing a live band via hangout, perform concerts and as well as cooking lessons. And if you want to share your Hangouts with more people, you can always start a broadcast using Hangouts on Air. All you need is a YouTube channel and a Google Plus profile page. Once you started the hangout, you can immediately share it to your YouTube channel for it to reach a wider audience.