What is Hangout Apps?

Google hangout

If you are familiar with the Google Hangouts, you will probably will enjoy the Hangouts app. Developed by Google, the Hangouts app can be downloaded at iTunes store for free. And if you are an Android user, it is also available in Google Play Store. It is basically an Instant Messaging Software which allows you to do the basic sending and receiving messages as well as sending and receiving photos and videos. The advantages of this app compared to other popular instant messaging such as Whatsapp or Telegram is that it can also do a video call on one to one basis as well as in groups.

The app can function in various platforms and have interesting function such as the snooze notifications and also be able to see your previous text message, shared photos or video call history. Photos that shared during conversation will automatically be uploaded into your private Google+ album. So, how to download this app. You can either download it at iTunes or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, it will ask for you to choose which Google account that you want to use with the App. If you don’t have one, you will need to open a Google account. Opening a Gmail or Google Plus account is sufficient. Once you pass that stage, you will then need to enter your mobile phone number. By doing this, it will help people to find you much easier. After entering your phone number, it will send a 4-digit verification code to that number you have entered. You can have it resend if you do not receive the verification code. Enter the code and once all that is done, you are good to go. You can now add your contact as well as start messaging or open a Google Hangout session with your friends. Other interesting thing is that you can also search for people outside your contact address information. Just type any name in the search box, and a list of names will appear.