Facetime Conference Call

Facetime is great application that can be use not only for personal use but as well as business usage. Read here on the potential usage of Facetime for business as well as personal. For people who are familiar with Facetime would know that the application only allows a one to one video communication only. Facetime is developed and designed by Apple for a two way communication and not a video group communication or conference call. Previously, you would notice that if you have two or more Apple devices, you could not call your other devices using the same account. However, there is one interesting update that Apple have done to the current version of iOS that have made Facetime Conference Call possible.

The update includes the ability of Facetime to call your other devices using the same account. So, basically if you have your iPhone with you and you want to call your children or wife at home using your iPad that was left at home, you can actually communicate through that way. So, what does this feature got to do with Facetime Conference Call? So, even though the application itself does not permit a video group call, you can use this new feature by having multiple Apple devices communicated in parallel together as a way to have a video group discussion. Here are the steps.

Step 1
Get other people you want to connect to contact you. This is done by letting other people to contact your devices and you need to determine which person will be connected on which devices. Your friend can be connected via Facetime at your new iPad.

Step 2
Ask another friend to contact you but by different Apple devices. Therefore your another friend is connected also via Facetime in your iPhone and another friend is connected through your iPad mini.

Step 3
That’s it. You now have a Facetime Conference Call. So, the trick of having a Facetime Conference Call is to have multiple Apple devices and all your friends are connected in all this devices at once. You can choose to either call them or let them call your Apple devices. You can also choose to Facetime using Apple TV or use MacBook for Facetime.

So, there you have it. A nice little trick for having a Facetime Conference Call and communicate with all your friends at once. Learn more on Facetime tips and tricks here.