Does Whatsapp Expired?

So, you just downloaded Whatsapp from your iTunes or Google Play Store for free. Probably the next lingering question in your mind is whether this Whatsapp will forever be a freebie app or do they have a Whatsapp expired date? Whatsapp has clearly stated that they will not put ads into the application as they do not want the users to experience their instant messaging platform without any ads interruption. The downside of this is that Whatsapp do not have many option to monetize their app.

So, previously Whatsapp only charges you once. The cost of the application at that time is $0.99. However, Whatsapp learnt that this have turned many people off from downloading the app. So, instead of charging you for the applications, they are now charging you for the services. The services will now cost you $0.99 per year. So, basically, once you downloaded the Whatsapp application for free, your Whatsapp expired in a year unless you paid the $0.99 fee subscription yearly. So, basically Whatsapp is now transitioning from selling you an app to offering you services. The services offered includes the hosting of your exchange messages, data transmission, chatting messages backup, restore option and also multi-send features. This upgrade of Whatsapp services is hope to attract more customers and even keeping the existing customers to keep using the application. However, the Whatsapp expired date will somehow give a disadvantage to Whatsapp as not many people would want to continue with the services and will start to look for other Instant Messaging application that is free. The competitor will definitely take advantage of this and will present an alternative that does not have an expiry date as Whatsapp. Time will tell whether this new business model for Whatsapp will gained new customers or expired them from the market of instant messaging application.