Facetime Failed to Connect

If you are visiting this page, most probably you are experiencing a Facetime failed in connecting or the application itself just would not open. You tried to switch off your Apple devices and restart it back but Facetime would still failed to connect. So, what is exactly the problem? Reports across the internet have mentioned that many Facetime users could not connect last Thursday. Even though Apple has not issue any official announcement on a breakdown, the issues probably are caused by the iOS 6 itself.

So, any devices that are still using iOS 6 will have a connectivity issues and therefore you need to update your iOS to iOS 7. This will resolve the Facetime failed connection problem. It is also better that all Apple devices to be updated and use iOS 7 for communicating via Facetime. This is because it is likely that you have an expired device certificate on all of your devices that use iOS 6. Another troubleshooting that you can do by yourself if you still have problems in connecting is that you to need to ensure that the Facetime application and its camera is not disabled in your device. You can check this at settings > General > Restrictions. From this, you will know whether your camera is enabled or not. Another troubleshooting you can do is to restart your device as this will refresh the application and removing any conflicts with other applications and enable it to open. And if you are using MacBook, please check whether you are using the OS X Mountain Lion v10.8 or OS X Lion v10.7. If your Macbook is using this, you need to update to OS X Mavericks v10.9. This has reported by several Facetime users that is solve the Facetime failed connection issues.