Whatsapp Location Sharing

WhatsApp has becoming as one of the fast and cheap method of instant messaging services across various platforms. You will be able to send text messages, pictures, audio and even video messages. These are some of the functions that normally a typical user will do. However, there are several other function that some users are not aware of. One of the neat function of WhatsApp is the WhatsApp Location sharing function.

So, let’s say that you are messaging with your friend or group, and you decided to meet-up. You can invite your friend or group to your place and share your location with your friends. Your location will be shared and sent via WhatsApp. Your friends will instantly know where you are and they can get to your place via following the location information that you have shared. What happen is that WhatsApp tracks your GPS position in your phone and integrate it with Google Map. Therefore your location will be shown in a Google Map in which your friends can see and locate. So, how do you use this function? First of all you need to open your WhatsApp application. Tap on a name or group to start communication. Once you are in the chatting mode tap the arrow icon if you are using iPhone, menu icon if you are using Blackberry or paperclip icon if you are using Android, Nokia or Windows Phone. Choose and click on location and then send your current location. The Google Map location will be shared into your chat box where everyone who is in the chat box can see. It is that easy. However, please be careful in sharing your location in any WhatsApp group. Make sure that you know all the person in the group before sending your location. This is because you do not want any strangers to know your exact location and whereabouts that can be dangerous to you.