Facetime Won’t Work

If you are having problem with your Facetime and it won’t work suddenly and not operating as usual as you want, here are some quick tips for you to do your own trouble-shooting.

1. Check whether you have the latest iOS
There have been many reports that once iPhone users updated their iOS 6 to iOS 7 and higher, Facetime no longer able to function normally. From Apple website, it was advised that people who are experiencing this needs to upgrade their iOS as iOS 6 no longer supports Facetime application.
2. Check whether you have the latest Facetime application updates
So, you have updated your iOS but still your Facetime is not working? You then need to check whether is there any updates to the Facetime application itself. You can do this by opening the App store and check for any software updates or patches.

3. Check with Apple
So, your have done all those things stated above but that does not solve your problem. If the problem of Facetime won’t work is not coming from your side, probably it is caused by Apple. You can actually check if there is the system status by logging into Apple at www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/. By visiting the website, you can immediately check if the problem by visiting this link. It will state any problems or issues with Apple’s product or system if they are any
4. Check with your Wi-Fi Network or Network provider
If the problem is not you and also is not Apple, you should then check the Wi-Fi connection network because sometimes, a hardware problem can cause interruption on the connection to the internet. This will affect the Facetime ability to connect and communicate. And if you are using data plan, you should check with your network provider to see whether there is an outage to their services.
5. Reboot your devices
And finally, when all else fails, you can do the true-and-tested method of trouble-shooting and that is just rebooting your device and see whether your Facetime will work again.