Whatsapp for Desktop

If you are currently a user of WhatsApp, you would definitely be using it in regularly in your smartphones. The WhatsApp is designed to work on your phone as an alternative to the text messaging function in your phone that actually charge you per usage. By using WhatsApp, you can text for free and even attach pictures, audio, video and also emoticon to your message. Those are among the reason WhatsApp has gained more popularity and now replacing the text message function in the phone.

However, there are some users are wondering whether you can use the WhatsApp for desktop? This means that you can actually open up the WhatsApp application from a desktop pc and use it similar as you are using the WhatsApp in your phone. How can you find this WhatsApp version for desktop? You could not actually because there is no WhatsApp for Desktop version yet but you can actually download software that can emulate the smartphone environment in your desktop. Therefore your WhatsApp would be able to be launch in your pc or desktop as this emulator will facilitate the application. One of the famous software for this is the Bluestack apps. This software is designed to emulate the Android operating platform in a Personal computers and laptop. The software can be downloaded at bluestacks.com. If you want to know in details on how to install it, you can click on this link for WhatsApp login. So, even though there is no WhatsApp for Desktop version being developed you can alternatively use this approach for the time being.