Facetime PC

Facetime is an application developed specifically for the use of communicating via video call using your iPhone, iPad or even you Mac. It is designed to run under the iOS platform as this operating software are developed as a closed environment and therefore Apple does not allow the apps to run in other PC other than Appleā€™s products. At this current moment, Apple did not developed any Facetime version that can be used on a window PC other than its own operating software.

So, if you are hoping for an official version of Facetime PC, unfortunately there is none yet available. Therefore to use a Facetime PC besides on a Mac would be to download an iOS emulator or simulator into your PC. By downloading the emulator, it will enable your PC to run facetime app or any other Apple apps that functions under the iOS environment. There are many emulator softwares out there such as the iPadian that emulate the iPad environment on your PC and therefore opens the possibility of using a Facetime on your PC. However, there are many alternatives besides Facetime for video call for your PC. Some of the famous applilcation that you can consider is Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Google Hangout to name a few. Apple however was rumored to develop a Facetime PC that is meant as an open software platform in which it can be used in an Android or Windows environment. By doing this, it will enable the integration of Facetime into many products that is available in all the operating softwares. However, there is no current development on this yet and we hope that this will be a great feature to be introduced by Apple for the Facetime application. This will open up the Facetime to many users and not just the avid Apple products users only.