Whatsapp Block

whatsapp block

Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging application that have been downloaded by many people unto their mobile devices for the purpose of communicating. One of the most popularly used Whatsapp function is the Whatsapp group in which anybody with the installed app can invite people into a group setting chat and they can share text messages, video and pictures within the people in the Whatsapp group. However, there are also the function of Whatsapp block that sometimes can be particularly helpful in blocking certain contacts or unknown numbers to communicate with you in Whatsapp. For iPhone users, you can block a contact by adding their contact number in the Blocked list. You can access this function by going to Whatsapp –> Settings –> Account –> Privacy –> Blocked. Once you are on this area, just tap on the Add New button and choose which contact you want to block.

Other operating software such Android, Windows Phone might have a different settings but the block function is still there. In Android you need to go to Menu button –> Settings –> Account –> Privacy –> Blocked contacts. Once you are here, choose the Add Blocked Contacts. After that, you can just choose the number you want to block by tapping the three dots in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and select block. So, what happens when you block a contact? All the messages sent by Whatsapp by the number that you blocked will not appear on your phone as if it was never sent to you. One of the reason people block contact also is to make their last seen status no longer visible to the contacts that they have blocked. So, the blocked contact will not know whether you are online or not. Other reason also is to block your Whatsapp information such as status update, personal info and profile pictures from being seen from the blocked contacts. You will also not be able to send message to this blocked contact. But please note that blocking the contact is not the same as removing the contact from your Whatsapp contact list. And finally, how do you know that someone has block you from their whatsapp account? One of the indicators would be that you are not able to see their last seen status, status update or their profile pictures. All the messages that you sent to this contact will only show one tick mark and not two tick marks as usual. Learn more on Whatsapp Ticks¬†Marks here. However, this is only an indicator. Sometimes probably the person you try to contact have switched off their phone or there is no internet coverage.