Whatsapp iPad

whatsapp ipad

The Whatsapp instant messaging platform has gained many followers due to the simplicity of its usage. Whatsapp app is available to be used in your smartphones that uses mobile operating platform such as Android, iOS, Windows and also Blackberry. However, there is no official version of Whatsapp iPad yet that have been launched. Even though there has been an increase in demand from many users who wants to use iPad as the platform for Whatsapp application, Whatsapp has not released a version of iPad yet at this moment in time.

However, there are certain ways for a tablet user to install Whatsapp. There are certain 3G enabled tablets that runs on Android that can use Whatsapp application. This is due to the fact the tablet are using a SIM card similar to a Smartphone and have access to internet through a data plan. The only difference is that it has a larger screen and the tablet can function as a smartphone as well. However, iPad does not support Whatsapp even though it has a 3G sim card slotted-in. This is because of incompatibility issues. However, there are some tricks that can actually cheat the Whatsapp application by enabling the application to be use in an iPad using certain simulators such as iFunBox. The process of emulating the application into an iPad is quite techie but you can learn it fast. The technique can be learn at Macworld and other similar tech blogs. However, it is fast and convenient to just use your Whatsapp in your smartphones. If you want to have a similar text chatting experience in an iPad, there are many similar instant messaging application that you can use such as Facetime, Skype and also Google Hangout to name a few. These instant messaging application can also give you the exciting pleasure of communication with your friends either through wireless internet and also data plan.