Facetime on iPad

facetime on ipad

Facetime is an instant messaging application developed by Apple as a mean to communicate via video communication. It allows real time viewing of video communicated through your iPhone and even your iPad or Mac. Facetime on iPad basically gives you more vivid experience as the screen are much larger compared to the small screen on your iPhone. Based on the latest iOS, Apple has upgraded the Facetime to be able to be use in different platform of Apple devices even though you are using the same Apple account.

This means that you can use your iPhone to call your iPad by using the same Apple account. This is not possible from previous Facetime application on older iOS. So, how do you use Facetime in your iPad? It is very easy. Let’s say you want to have a Facetime session using your iPad with your friend. Just find his or her contact in your contact book and then tap the Facetime button. You can also find the Facetime icon in your iPad and tap at the icon to activate the application. Once the application is open just choose the contact in the contact list to start Facetime connection. If you do not have the contact details, you can always ask the person you want to connect their mobile number or their email account. Make sure the email account is the one that they use as their Apple account. You can also use Siri to activate the Facetime by telling Siri, “Facetime with [your friends name as listed in your contact].” And if you are already in a call with your friend, you can immediately change to Facetime mode. The communication using Facetime is quite seamless and easy to connect as long as both of you are using an Apple devices. Facetime on iPad is also being used for video conferencing for meetings as well as to be in contact with your close friends and families.