How Does Facetime Work?

How does facetime works

Facetime is a built-in application developed by Apple that is embedded into all its Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and also Mac. It is designed to be cross platform instant messaging in which you can video call to anyone as long as it is using Apple device running on the current iOS. Currently there is no Facetime PC yet that have been officially developed by Apple that can function in Windows or other operating system besides iOS. The architecture of Facetime application is based on Real Time Protocol (RTP), H264 that can be considered a very common video standard and AAC for video streaming. The video conversation done using Facetime is secure as the stream is encrypted using Apple’s cryptographic protocols and it is considered HIPAA compliant with a 128-bit AES encryption.

When Apple first introduced Facetime, the application only runs using Wi-Fi connection only. This is due to the fact the most network operator at that time did not have the suitable infrastructure to support video communication. However, as network operator upgraded their network, Apple started to introduce Facetime without Wi-Fi connection starting from iPhone 4S and above. However, Facetime can also uses Wi-Fi as a platform of communication as well. So, does Facetime cost money? It depends on how your Apple device access the internet as Facetime uses the internet for video communication. On average, Facetime uses three megabytes of data per minute of video conversation. This can be considered the standard data usage of Facetime. The cost of using Facetime is not the same as when you are using your cellular communication in which you are charge per minute on the usage. It depends on how you are charge for the data plan by your network operator. If you subscribe to unlimited data connection with your network operator, the only charge that you need to pay is the fix monthly cost for that unlimited access. However, if you subscribed to the data plan that charges on how much data you used, it can be very expensive if you are an avid user of Facetime and also browsing the internet using your Apple device. So, how do you access Facetime in your iPad or iPhone? You can either tap on the Facetime icon or choose from your contact list to start communication or you can also open your contact book in your iPhone and iPad and choose the person you want to Facetime. There will be a Facetime icon in the contact number if they are able to receive a Facetime communication. Facetime communication can be done by using the email address as well as their cellular number. You can also use Siri to activate Facetime by telling Siri, “Facetime with [your friends name as listed in your contact].” And if you are already in a call with your friend, you can immediately change to Facetime mode. Facetime provides the user a seamless communication via video call with all Apple devices and it is very stable depending on the broadband of your internet.