Telegram vs Whatsapp

Telegram vs whatsapp

Telegram is an instant messaging application that can be used on cross platforms such as in iPhone, iPad, Android based smartphones as well as windows based smartphones. It has a similar function as the more popular Whatsapp application but it does have some unique advantages compared to Whatsapp. So, if you are considering Telegram apps, below are some differences between these two instant messaging application.

Subscription fees
One thing for sure is that Telegram is free and without subscription charges. Whatsapp however is not free and have previously introduced subscription based fee for their users. And if you are currently using a free Whatsapp now, it is probably going expired soon and you need to pay a fee afterwards to use your Whatsapp.

Group limitation
One big advantage that Telegram has is that the group function can accommodate up to 200 people while Whatsapp can only accommodate only up to 50 people in a group. This proves to be a winning advantage for Telegram as it allows more people to be included in a group.

Sending file
Whatsapp only limited file sending to audio and video format only. You could not send any other type of file using Whatsapp. However, Telegram allows you to send any file up to 1 GB.

Supported platform
Another winning advantage by Telegram is that it can be used in cross platform such as in your PC, Mac, smartphones and even iPad or tablet. However, Whatsapp can only be used in smartphones. It could not even be used in a tablet such as iPad. And another interesting feature is that it is cloud-based. This means you can access your messages from multiple devices.

It is interesting to see that with all the winning features and advantages that Telegram have compared to Whatsapp, people are more familiar with Whatsapp. This is where Whatsapp has the big advantage compared to Telegram. Due to the popularity of Whatsapp, many people are using it and therefore it is easier to connect to different people using Whatsapp compared to Telegram. It is no use of having many interesting functions but the people you want to connect does not use Telegram. Therefore, Whatsapp at this moment of time is still being preferred by many people due to its popularity as many people are more familiar with it.