Whatsapp Type of Users

whatsapp type of users

Whatsapp is an instant messaging platform that enables people to chat using a free based application. People who are using Whatsapp right now would probably having multiple groups for communications. However, if you look closely, you can see that the Whatsapp is now behaving similarly to a social media platform but at a simpler and accessible mobile methods. Below are the type of Whatsapp users that we can observe emerging.

The Initiators
This are the type of Whatsapp users that always be the first to create a group and invite you in and others related. He will be the administrator and with that power comes great responsibility. He will decide who’s in and who’s out. He will also feel the responsibility to keep the group active by posting random question and updates.

The Puzzle makers
This are the type who keeps posting puzzles for the group to answer. The puzzles are normally a copy and paste from other social media and instant messaging platform. But, nevertheless he/she feels the need to share the puzzles to the groups and hoping for a live interaction from this puzzle.

The Thumbs-up
This kind of user will not have very much to say but only knows how to use the thumbs-up icon. He/she will only reply using this and feels that he/she have contributed to the group live chat. All comments and shares by the members of the group is answered by this person using the famous thumbs-up icon.

The Icon maestro
This are the type of user who seems to be very skilled in using the emoticons and also other icons in the Whatsapp. They are very proud of their work and believe the icons can be used to produce a masterpiece. They are also hoping that their work on this icon will be shared and becomes viral.

The Quiet ones
And finally, the quiet ones. This are the Whatsapp users who have been invited to a group and remains quiet until the end. The quiet ones are probably not an active user of Whatsapp or simply just do not feel they have anything to contribute to the group. However, do not be surprise that the quiet ones read all the postings and is updated on the latest information.