Is Facetime Free?

facetime free

If you are new to Apple devices, you would probably be a first time user of Facetime. The Facetime application is already been pre-installed in Apple devices that you own such as iPhone and iPad and it is installed completely free. Yes, you heard it, it is completely free. The Facetime can be considered a free application as you do not need to download and pay for the application in the Apple store. However the question of whether does Facetime is really free depends on the kind of data plan that you are using. People who are not familiar with Facetime will assume it works similar to a cellphone charging its services via minutes used.

However, Facetime does not work using the cellphone network or carrier charges but the data transmitted to Apple devices is via the internet. Therefore, if you have a Wi-Fi Internet connection, you can just open the Facetime and connect using this Wireless internet that is connected to your Apple devices. And if the internet that you are connected is from a public hotspot in which it is normally free, you are practically using the Facetime for free from any charges. However, if you are subscribed to an internet subscription fees, therefore the cost of using Facetime depends on the fixed cost of your internet subscription. And if you are using 3G or 4G, you will normally have to subscribe to a data plan. Therefore, again the Facetime application would use the data plan to connect to the internet and therefore the total cost of using Facetime is based on the cost you paid for the data plan. Therefore, enjoy using the Facetime application without worrying so much on the minutes or time you are using it as Facetime are designed as a seamless video communication to get in you in touch with friends and families.