How to Block Whatsapp Downloading

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Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging software that allows many people to connect simultaneously at the same time. Whatsapp also enables the users to share files such as pictures, videos and audios using its instant messaging platform. A person who shares the media files using the platform will enable the automatic Whatsapp downloading to the mobile devices of another person. The media file will be automatically be downloaded to the receivers picture folders or camera roll. This feature allows the people in a group to instantly shares media file and can be transferred immediately to another form of device.

However, due to the increase recurrence of the file media sharing from people within your Whatsapp group, this automatic feature will sometimes flood your picture folders or camera roll. These files can also affect the responsiveness of your mobile devices as it will take a huge portion of your mobile devices memory. Therefore, there is an option for any Whatsapp users to block the automatic Whatsapp downloading directly in your mobile devices picture folders. If you are using an iPhone, you can disable the automatic Whatsapp downloading by choosing the settings in your Whatsapp app. In the Whatsapp settings you will see the Chat Settings. Choose the chat settings and you will see a ‘Save Incoming Media’ option. There you will see that it describes the feature as ‘Automatically save images and video that you receive into the Camera Roll’. If it is enable, the button will show green. Slide the feature to the right and the color will turn to white. By doing this, you are turning off the automatic feature. After doing this, whenever you receive a picture, video or audio file, your Whatsapp will not be downloading the file to your camera roll. Therefore, you will save a huge amount of space in your mobile device. But if you do want to save the media file that was sent to you using Whatsapp, you can do it manually by tapping the icon beneath the file and choose save image or save file.