How to Delete Whatsapp Account

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Whatsapp is a popular Instant Messaging application that has been used by many smartphones users across the world. However, as people upgrade or change their phone, there is the need to delete Whatsapp account in the smartphones. You definitely do not want a message that was meant to be sent to you via Whatsapp but ended at the wrong person. Therefore it is very important that you delete your Whatsapp account first before changing your phone or giving your phone to another person. Not all instant messaging is designed the same. Simply deleting the app from your phone sometimes does not necessarily delete your account.

Therefore it is better to be safe by deleting your account first before deleting the app from your phone. You can also take the precautious measure of deleting all your message first before you delete your account. You may want to back up your Whatsapp messages first. So, how do you delete your Whatsapp account? You can do this by first opening your Whatsapp application in your smartphone and choose the Whatsapp settings. Choose “Account” and then choose “Delete My Account”. You will then require to fill in your phone number. You need to key-in your phone number in the full international format. Once you entered your phone number, you can delete your Whatsapp account by choosing the “Delete My Account” button. Once done, you will still have your Whatsapp application but with no account link to your app. So, by deleting your account you will delete all your Whatsapp contacts, groups, message history and also Whatsapp service payment information. You will need to start all over again if you want open back your Whatsapp account.