Facetime Not Connecting

facetime not connecting

If you are an avid user of Apple device, you would also be one of the frequent user of FaceTime application. FaceTime is a video calling application that lets Apple users to seamlessly connect with one another and communicate using video calling. The application should be a seamless communication in which you just need to tap in your contact and the video call will connect with your contact in real time. However, sometimes it does not appear to be as smooth as plan because sometimes FaceTime is not connecting when you open the application. If the FaceTime in your Apple device is not connecting there are probably something or some settings that are not working.

First of all, you need to check the basic information of your Apple devices such as your version of iOS. This is because an iOS that is not updated to the latest iOS version can cause your FaceTime application not connecting and functioning well. All you need to do is just update to the latest iOS version. Another malfunctioning reason is probably due to a simple tweak in the setting by opening the settings in your Apple device and activate the FaceTime application there. Another frequent problem that affect your FaceTime to connect is the Wi-Fi connection. Make sure you have a stable and also fact Wi-Fi connection if you are not using a data plan on your Apple device. A good and stable Wi-Fi connection both on your side as well as the person who are you are connecting with can determine a smooth connection and uninterruptible video communication. However, if you are having problem connecting with a Wi-Fi network, you can always opt to a cellular network connection. Just tap into FaceTime settings and choose cellular data on for FaceTime and restart back your Apple device for the new settings to take place. And if all things fail, probably that you have been blocked or unintentionally block the person you want to connect. You can check this by going to the settings of FaceTime and see the Blocked option. There you will see the list of contact that you have blocked. And finally, if all of these troubleshooting tips fail, you can always use the true and tested method of closing and restarting your device. Hopefully all of these tips listed will be helpful to your problem if your FaceTime not connecting.