Whatsapp Blue Ticks

whatsapp blue ticks

WhatsApp is a popular cross platform instant messaging that allows people to send messages free of charge. This is due to the fact that it uses the internet as the medium for communication and therefore the only cost that you need to pay in using the WhatsApp application is the internet charges. However, for the avid user of WhatsApp, recently they have introduced a new feature in their WhatsApp application and that is the WhatsApp Blue Ticks. What is a WhatsApp Blue Ticks? It quite simple, two double blue ticks simply means your message has been read.

You can even check the time it was read by press and hold on to the message that has the blue tick and tap info. Or you can just slide the message to the left and it will show the time the message was delivered and also read. The blue ticks also works in a group chat in which it only will show double blue tick if everyone has read the message. However, if you do not see the double blue ticks, it means that your message has not been read yet, the receiver is using an outdated version of WhatsApp and therefore only displays the grey double ticks only or there are some connections issues between you and the intended contact. But, what if you want to read a message but do not want it to display the blue ticks to your contact? Here is a neat trick. If you are using iPhone, just go to the settings and enable the Airplane mode. Once the airplane mode is on, you can then go to the WhatsApp message and you can read the message without signaling to the contact that you have read the message through the double blue ticks’ notification. The contact will also not know whether you have received it or not. This neat trick can save the hassle of the need to reply immediately after you have a read a message.