Is Whatsapp Safe?

is whatsapp safe

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging software that can be used to communicate with people through their smartphones. This simple app allows people to seamlessly keep in touch with individuals as well as with groups with minimal cost. However, the main question that some people would be asking in using this app is that does the WhatsApp safe to use? Does WhatsApp security feature is enough to make sure the communication is done with a safe environment? To answer this question, we need to look at the WhatsApp infrastructure. In an essence, the WhatsApp full feature includes the ability to share audio, video, locations, pictures, voice messages, and all this can be done using a Wi-Fi connection.

In terms of privacy, all the messages that transmitted within a WhatsApp platform is not stored in their servers. All chat history is only stored in your phone. Therefore it frees up the storage of WhatsApp server. In terms of the server, WhatsApp uses Ejabberd. It is an XMPP server which provides a good feature of open source. With the infrastructure uses by WhatsApp, the safety aspect of your message would only be tampered by hackers into your smartphones. A Dutch security expert, Bass Bosschert have revealed that a flow in the Android operating system can allow hackers to read your WhatsApp history chat. This can be done by allowing a ‘malware’ app to be installed in your Android powered smartphones. This ‘malware’ app can be considered as Trojan app in which its real function is to hack into your WhatsApp account and read the chat logs. So, for Android user, please be extra careful in downloading any free apps. This free app can sometimes be used to sniff your chat messages. The app can also use your Whatsapp application to send unscrupulous message to unintended contact.