How to Activate Facetime

activate facetime

FaceTime is a video communication application that was developed by Apple for its mobile devices. It was first introduced during the launch of iPhone 4 and it then became one of the mandatory application in all of its devices; be it in iPad, iPhone and also MacBook. It allows a seamless video application among Apple users through video conferencing. For the Apple users, it is very simple to activate FaceTime. Unlike some of the popular instant messaging in the market, the FaceTime is quite simple to activate. Once you have purchased your iPhone, normally the iPhone will require you to set-up your Apple ID during the first initial setting.

If you are not sure what your Apple ID is, it is the ID that you used for accessing your iTunes store. If you have used an Apple devices before, it is highly possible that you have already registered an Apple ID before. This Apple ID is very important as it is usually registered together with your email as well as your phone number. FaceTime and iMessage that automatically comes bundled together with the Apple devices will automatically register your FaceTime with this Apple ID. In order to use the FaceTime with your Apple ID, simply go to Settings and look for FaceTime. Simply tap the “Use your Apple ID for FaceTime”. This will link your FaceTime application with your email address that you use as the Apple ID username. The same password also applies to this account. By activating your FaceTime, you will then be able to connect to your contact by the Apple ID in which can be seen within your contact list. You can also connect with other Apple users through their Apple ID as well. And if you are not sure what their Apple ID is, you can contact by using their phone number as well. As long as they are using an Apple mobile device, you should be able to connect through FaceTime with no problem.