Does Whatsapp have Charges

whatsapp charges

Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging software downloaded and used by many people across the world. With WhatsApp, you can text your friends and contacts with almost no cost at all. If you are new to WhatsApp, you probably wondering is there any WhatsApp charges? Is WhatsApp really free to use or do they have any cost of purchase, subscription fees as well as charges for enabling you to text your contacts. In the current plan for WhatsApp, it is free of advertising.

So, you do not have to worry of any ads popping up while you are texting your friends and contacts. However, WhatsApp needs to sustain its services while recovering its losses and gaining profits. Therefore even though WhatsApp can be downloaded free of charge for any phone types it is with a subscription fee. Once downloaded you can use WhatsApp for free for the first one year. Once you have used WhatsApp for a year for free, you can then extend your usage by subscribing fee of $0.99 USD per year. This will not be done automatically but WhatsApp will ask you in the end of your first one year use whether you want to continue with WhatsApp through the subscription option. And if you are thinking of just uninstalling your expired WhatsApp and download back a new WhatsApp for the one year free subscription, it will not work. Besides the subscription fee charges, WhatsApp can be considered almost free to use. The only cost that you need to consider is the internet data plan cost that comes with your smartphones. This can come in terms of unlimited data plan with a fix monthly payment or pay per use internet data plan. And if you are using a free Wi-Fi connection, the cost of using WhatsApp is kept at a very minimum cost.