How to Facetime on iPad

facetime on ipad

If you have just purchased an iPad and wish to know how to do FaceTime on iPad, it is quite simple. The FaceTime application is basically pre-installed in any of Apple devices and this also include the iPad that you are using. However, make sure that you are not using the first version of iPad as the first version of iPad does not support cellular data. So, you can only use FaceTime by connecting to a wireless internet connection. Make sure also you have the latest iOS installed in the iPad. First, you need to open your iPad and you will immediately see a lot of app icon in your Home screen. Find the icon that has the FaceTime word underneath the icon. Tap the icon and the application will be launch immediately. Once open, you will see the list of contacts that you have on the right screen. This is the contact list in which you can immediately call to FaceTime.

The way you can connect is by using the email as well as the number of your contact. Please bear in mind that FaceTime can only be used to connect with other users that is also using Apple devices only. Therefore, even though you have a contact number of the person but he or she is not using any Apple devices, your FaceTime will definitely not be connecting. However, if your friend or contact does have an iPhone or iPad, you can immediately contact by just using their Apple ID email account as well as their phone number. Just tap on the contact and FaceTime will immediately ring the other person. The video connection will begin once the other person accepted your video call via FaceTime. However, if you fail to use FaceTime in your iPad, just make sure that you have enabled FaceTime in the settings. All you need to do is go to FaceTime apps, and tap the settings. FaceTime will immediately register your account with the cellular phone number you are using as well your email that you use as your Apple ID. When you are on a phone call, you can immediately change the mode of communicating to FaceTime by tapping into the FaceTime at the screen during your cellular contact mode. The mode will immediately be change to video call instead of normal cellular call.