Facetime Audio

facetime audio

If you are using an Apple device, you would probably be aware and also be using Facetime application by now. It is basically a video calling app that is already embedded into your iPhone, iPad and also even your Macbook. Facetime was created by Apple and was launch together with iPhone 4. At that time, Facetime video are available only and no Facetime Audio have yet to be developed by Apple. Different to Skype and also other similar video calling app such as Google Hangout, Facetime can only be used via video call only. Facetime Audio is not available at that time due to the current platform used by Facetime requires a client-side certificate and also it operates under a closed system.

Therefore, users who wants to connect to other people using the internet as the platform will normally choose other applications such as Skype. Skype allows users to make free phone calls to other via the internet. However, in June 2013, Apple finally launched the Facetime Audio. This Facetime Audio act similar to Skype in which it uses the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). So, basically users can now make free phone calls via Facetime Audio. As long as you are connected to a WiFi or a data plan, you can phone call almost everybody that is also using Apple devices in your contact for free. The best thing is you do not even need to know their number as Facetime can also connect based on their email account. This audio-only version of Facetime uses high quality audio that runs using Wifi and also 3G and LTE data connections. The advantage of Facetime is that it is very straightforward to use and it allows up to nine people to connect simultaneously during audio conferencing. And you can also expect high quality audio if both of the connection using a wifi. And the best thing is it is free and you can connect for how long as you want.