Free Call from Internet to Mobile

free internet call

With the development of many free instant messaging apps and also software, it is now easy to make free call from the internet to mobile phone. And what is amazing about this is some of the application and services offered is free. If you are living in the US or Canada, one of the easy way to do this is by using Google Voice. First you will need to be log into your Gmail account. Notice the contact list that you have on the lower left of your screen. You will notice the call phone icon. Click on the icon and the dial pad will appear. Just dial the mobile number that you want to contact in the dial pad.
google voice
As long as the mobile number is within the US or Canada, the rate is free. For everywhere else, a low rate is charged. You can check the charge rate in the Google Voice website. Another way to connect from pc using internet to mobile phone is by using Skype.

Skype can be installed in your PC and can be used to call mobile phone that has the Skype apps installed. Basically you just need to have the Skype account and you can connect with your friend that is using a mobile phone via a free phone call using Skype. Just make sure that your friend also has a Skype account. As long as both of you are connected to the internet, you can expect an uninterrupted and clear communication. And if you are using an Apple device, Apple has come up with FaceTime Audio. This FaceTime Audio basically lets the user make a phone call using the FaceTime application in their iPad or MacBook to your friend who are also using Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone. You will only need to know their email account is sufficient to make that free phone call.