Whatsapp Problems

whatsapp problems

WhatsApp is a popular and very friendly instant messaging platform that allows fast messaging among its users. However, even with its easy to use approach, WhatsApp can create some problems when users are using it. These tips can serve as a guideline each time a WhatsApp user experiencing problems in using the software in the future.

WhatsApp not connecting
Among the problems are when WhatsApp fails to connect to the server. WhatsApp can only function when it is connected to the server. So, how do you check whether it is connected or not? You can open the application and go to the settings and check on the network status. It will show a green ‘connected’ status if it is connected to the WhatsApp server or a red ‘not connected’ status if it is not connected. If this happens, the problem might be you are not having a good Wi-Fi coverage or also good network coverage if you are using a data plan.

You can check your network connection in your wireless and network settings in your mobile phone. If you are still having this problem even though the internet coverage is ok, you can try closing and activate back the phone for resetting purposes. However, sometimes the WhatsApp can be down due to the server down in WhatsApp server premises itself. You can always check this status by going to the Whatsapp.com website to see any announcement if the server is down.

WhatsApp messages not delivered
When WhatsApp messages is not delivered can be due to several reasons. One of the reason is that you are having a bad internet connection. Therefore the messages could not be delivered from your phone to another person. Another reason might be that the person you intended to send the message is not online. You can always check this by referring to the WhatsApp ticks status. Another reason might also be that there is a WhatsApp block made by that person to you. Therefore any messages that you send will not be read by the intended recipients.