Cheapest Phone with Whatsapp

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With the popular usage of WhatsApp as a cheap platform of communication, people are now communicating more using WhatsApp instead of the short messaging services or SMS that is normally provided by Telecommunication Company. People are now reverting to the cheapest phone just to use the WhatsApp application only. This is due to the fact that using WhatsApp is basically free and the SMS is charge for a certain fee by the Telco. There are also other instant messaging that can be install using this cheap phone. With the increase of lifestyle cost, this new form of communication has become an alternative for people to communicate that is lower in terms of cost that needs to be paid and maintain.

With the advent of cheap smartphones nowadays, it is now possible to save more in communicating but still have the ability to communicate with others. The alternative ways to do this is by buying a cheap smartphone and rely totally on Wi-Fi or free internet connection. By doing this way, you are not bound to any monthly bills to pay for the network but still can use the smartphones to connect to people. The cheapest phone that you can install WhatsApp application would be budget smartphones such as Microsoft Lumia 535, Samsung S3, Motorola Moto G, Lenovo A6000, Alcaltel OneTouch Flash, Asus Zenfone 4 and Sony Xperia M. These cheap phone offers the capability to install WhatsApp. Just make sure you purchase this phone without a contract and you can immediately use this without hassle. And with the increase capability of this instant messaging to also communicate via many means such as video and also audio, this cheap phone with instant messaging capability can be a good low cost option. The instant messaging that can also offer video and audio conference using smartphone is Google Voice, Skype and also Hangouts.