WhatsApp for Desktop finally here

whatsapp desktop

The WhatsApp instant messaging platform has finally reach your desktop. Previously WhatsApp are only available for mobile devices. As the users of WhatsApp is growing rapidly nearing 600 million users now, the demand for a different platform for using WhatsApp also increases. The users now also requires an access to WhatsApp via desktop as similar to Skype. And today, that growing demand has finally been met with the introduction of WhatsApp Web. However, the WhatsApp for Desktop or they call it the WhatsApp Web only works in Google Chrome only currently.

As mentioned in the WhatsApp blog, they just launched the WhatsApp web today and you can go to this http://web.whatsapp.com to take a look and try it for yourself. The website acts as an extension to your current phone and you can use either your phone or the web client to send text messages or share files. All you need to do is open up your Chrome and type in the website address. In the homepage of the website, it will a show a big QR code in which you need to scan. The reason for the QR code is to link the WhatsApp web with your phone.
whatsapp web
This is due to the fact that WhatsApp still uses your phone number as the identification for your WhatsApp account. So, by scanning the QR code you are actually linking up your phone with the Web client. So, if you are an avid user of WhatsApp and want to have the ability to send text messages even without your mobile devices, this feature will enable you to do just that. You can also have a bigger screen depending on the screen size of your desktop. However, this WhatsApp Web are only available for Android, Blackberry, Nokia S60, Windows Phone and Blackberry 10 only. So, for iPhone users, this WhatsApp web is still not compatible for you and therefore either you change your phone or just stick with the WhatsApp mobile only for now.