WhatsApp Symbols and its meanings

whatsapp symbol

WhatsApp is becoming a very popular and famously used by many people in all parts of the world. It is been seen that the WhatsApp offers the convenience reliable, fast and cheap way of communication. The application can only work in a smartphone as an alternative to the traditional text messaging. The WhatsApp apps also has embedded the emoji or WhatsApp symbols as a mean to simplify or amplifying your messages.

However, these WhatsApp symbols may have different interpretation based on how you look at it.  Below are some of the most used WhatsApp symbols and its probable meaning.

I am laughing out loud right now at your jokes / I am now making a very funny joke and hope you get it

I know something that you don’t / I just made a double meaning statement and hope that you get it

OMG! Are you serious? / I just can’t believe what you have just told me

I am disturb by your comment / I am angry at what I have told you and making an emphasis out of it

I am very sad / I am sad at what you have just told me

I have no expression or feelings at what you have just told me / I am being sarcastic and show that I have no feeling of the statement you have just told me

My lips are sealed / I am sick and contagious / I do not want to tell you anything / Your secrets are safe with me

I am having a naughty thought / I am going to do something evil

I am totally shocked at what you have just told me / I am brain dead right now


I am embarrassed at your compliments / I am being very shy right now