Why is my FaceTime Not Connecting?

facetime not connecting

When you are using FaceTime in your Apple devices, sometimes you will face the problem of FaceTime not connecting. This is a common problem due to several factors such as internet outage, hardware device problems and many more. Below are some personal trouble shooting that you can do to resolve the issue of FaceTime not connecting.

Restart your device
If your FaceTime is not connecting after several attempts, the first thing you can do is to restart your device. Restarting can clear up some of the memory and also shut down parallel applications that is running on the background. Clearing these up would allow FaceTime to use the extra memory needed to connect to the internet.

Internet outage
Sometimes the FaceTime not connecting has nothing to do with your mobile device but the problem is with the internet provider itself. This is due to the fact FaceTime depends on internet connection to connect to other Apple users. The internet can come from Wireless network or Wi-Fi and also from data plan in your mobile devices. So, if the internet services is disrupted, you will have problem in connecting using FaceTime. You can always check the connectivity of your internet with the internet provider.

FaceTime Block
If you have tried the above method to connect but still fail, probably your number or Apple ID have been blocked by the person who you want to connect. One of the things you can do with FaceTime is that you can block a number or Apple ID from calling. Therefore, if you are having problem to connect to a particular person, probably that person has block you. One way to check on this is by trying to call another number that you are certain have not block you yet.

Reactivating FaceTime in iOS
Another trouble shooting solution you can do is by restarting the FaceTime application itself. This can be done by going to the settings. There you will see the FaceTime On and Off button. Just flick the button to Off. Then you will have the FaceTime application to be deactivated. Turn On back again to reactivate your FaceTime. This will normally do the trick.