Does FaceTime Use Data?

facetime data

FaceTime is developed by Apple as a way for users of Apple mobile devices to be able to communicate in real time via video live feed. As FaceTime application is embedded into Apple devices, usually FaceTime is ready to be use in iPhone and also iPad when you bought it. However, some users may have some worries that using FaceTime can incur unnecessary billing cost. So, the question some first time FaceTime users normally would ask is does FaceTime use data? The answer to this is yes. FaceTime does use data to transmit information.

When you connect using FaceTime, the data usage is approximately at 3 MB per minutes. This data carries the video feed as well as the audio feed to your contacts and vice versa. This also depends on whether you are using an iPhone or an iPad. So, by knowing the approximate data that your FaceTime is using can result in knowing the exact amount of internet bill that you are going to pay. If you are using a Wireless internet or Wi-Fi, you will be able to save cost significantly as normally the internet services that you subscribe are normally paid monthly at a fix price. Therefore the amount of data of internet that you use does not affect the total billing cost. However, if you are using FaceTime in mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad, you probably are using data plan. Some data plan charges you based on how much data that you used. Some cellular network provider can sometimes charge up to $15 per MB. You can always check with your network operator on the fees that they charge. By knowing this basic information on FaceTime data usage, you can be assured and have a peace of mind when using the FaceTime application to connect to people and friends.