Do You Need Wifi for FaceTime?

wifi for facetime

FaceTime is an instant video messaging developed by Apple for a seamless video connection for its mobile users. It can easily be found already embedded in your iPhone or iPad. However, you can always activate your FaceTime if your FaceTime application is not activated yet. However, if you are having the latest iOS, the FaceTime option is always available and you can choose whether to connect using your cellular network or FaceTime connection. However, to some new users of Apple devices, they may be wondering whether they need Wifi for FaceTime connection or not.

When FaceTime application was first introduced in iPhone 4, the application solely runs on Wifi only. At that time the infrastructure for a video calling using FaceTime was yet to be provided by the network operators. Only after iOS 6 and above that you can connect FaceTime with not just using Wifi but also using cellular networks such as 3G and LTE. The amount of FaceTime data usage is about 3 MB per minute. Because FaceTime can run on either 3G or Wifi connection, you can actually choose the methods in which you want to connect. You can turn off the Wifi settings in your iPhone or iPad and the FaceTime will automatically connect using the 3G connection. However, if you are connected to Wifi, the FaceTime will choose this option first. The FaceTime connection using Wifi is much more stable compared when FaceTime is connecting using the 3G or LTE. This is due to the factor of the range of network tower and also the strength of your 3G connection. So, if you have an option of Wifi and also 3G in connecting using FaceTime, better that you choose the Wifi connection. It is also advisable that the person that you want to connect also is using Wifi as this will minimize any disruption and also disconnection.