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WhatsApp Registration

whatsapp registration

WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform that enables you to send free messages to other users that have also installed the WhatsApp application in their smartphones. If you are new to the world of WhatsApp instant messaging platform, the WhatsApp function primarily based on your mobile number that you have registered. This means that even though you have change your phone, all the messages will be stored based on your mobile number instead of your phone. Therefore your sim card that carries your unique mobile number is very critical. When you want to do WhatsApp registration, first of all you need to download the app into your smartphone.

Please ensure that you downloaded the latest version of WhatsApp. You need to make sure also you have a stable internet connection as any interruption to the internet may hamper the WhatsApp registration. Once you have installed the application, WhatsApp will request your mobile number. WhatsApp will send you a verification code to the mobile number that you have. Just type the code number and you will have your WhatsApp registration done. You now have a WhatsApp account registered at the mobile number you have entered into WhatsApp. However, if you do not receive any verification code, you will not be able to register your WhatsApp successfully. Some of the troubleshooting that you can do by yourself is to check whether you have entered your phone number correctly. You can also check and verify that you have use the proper international format for your mobile number. The proper international number is needed so that WhatsApp can send the code successfully to your mobile phone. Other possibilities is to check that your mobile line is not block by the network operator and you can call and receive phone calls and SMS messages without any problem. You can easily check this by try to call other person to check whether your phone line is being block or not.