Top Five Instant Messaging Websites

Instant Messaging Website

Instant Messaging sites has seen a tremendous growth nowadays due to the popularity of the application in communicating to friends and people. However, instant messaging is not only link to apps but also can be access via website as well. In this article, we will going to list down the top five instant messaging websites based on our view and rating. The Instant Messaging websites that is worth mentioning is as below.

Yahoo Messenger
The Yahoo Messenger is known as Yahoo Messenger for the Web before. However, the messenger has now move to the Yahoo Mail as its main media platform for the web. You can immediately use this service by signing up with a Yahoo Mail and it allows you to instantly chat with your friends in Facebook as well as Windows Live friends as well.

The popular WhatsApp apps is also now available in Desktop. The WhatsApp will link with the WhatsApp apps that you have installed in your smartphone and will identify the mobile number that you have registered. However, the WhatsApp Desktop is currently available for Androids only.

Google Hangout
Hangouts have evolved from its early days of video conferencing communication to a head on competition with WhatsApp and FaceTime as an instant messaging platform that not only does video calls but as well as audio, text and data exchange as well. Integrated with Gmail, the Google Hangouts offer the conveniences of any Gmail account holders to instantly have a video or text message with any contacts in the Gmail book address.

Even before FaceTime or WhatsApp, Skype has been a prominent choice of instant messaging when it comes to desktop and also via website. The advantage of Skype is that it can use in almost any platforms as long as it has an access to the internet. However, Skype does charge the users a certain amount of fee for advance uses of the application.

Apple FaceTime
FaceTime developed by Apple is not just for your iPhone or iPad only. It can be accessed via your MacBook. The FaceTime MacBook offers the same convenient seamless video connection as in your iPad or iPhone. Unlike others instant messaging website, FaceTime can only be use in Apple devices only. However, it can be accessible in many different platforms as long as it is in in the iOS environment.