FaceTime for Laptop

facetime for laptop

FaceTime application is developed by Apple for its use in their platform such as iPhone, iPad as well as the MacBook and Mac computer. It runs solely on iOS and it allows users of Apple devices to be connected seamlessly with each other. Unlike any other type of instant messaging that can be used in a normal laptop and PC such as Skype, Hangouts or even WhatsApp desktop, FaceTime can only be used in an Apple device. Basically, if you are not using any Apple devices and you want to communicate with a friend that is using FaceTime, you would not be able to unless you are also using an Apple device.

However, nothing is impossible. If you want to use FaceTime in your laptop one way that you can do this is by having a FaceTime emulator installed in your Laptop. A FaceTime emulator works by simulating the iOS environment in your PC or laptop and therefore you are able to not just install FaceTime but other iOS application as well in your Laptop. By emulating the FaceTime in your laptop, you can then either call your friends who have a FaceTime account or receive video call as well from your friend that is using FaceTime. There are a lot of simulator programs in the web that is free. Some of the emulator worth exploring is the iPadian and FaceTime for PC. The smoothness and seamless connection of the FaceTime however is not guaranteed as nothing can replace the originality of the original application running on the iOS versus the one that is running on an emulator environment. However, due to the popularity of FaceTime and also the use of instant messaging nowadays, Apple should now be thinking of developing an official version of the FaceTime application that not just run on an iOS but in other platform as well.