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What is SMS Messaging?

what is sms

SMS is basically a method of instant messaging and commonly refers to as “Short Message Service”. The word service in the SMS is referring to the charge that the telco normally billed to the customer as the customer sends SMS to other person in their network. The SMS is applied widely during the pre-smartphones era in which people that prefers to text will use this service instead of voice calling. The SMS function however was limited to only 160 characters and it is charged based on how many SMS was sent. Started as an additional feature for the telco services, the Short Messaging Services instantly grew to account almost half of the revenue for the network provider.

This is due to the fact that many customers are finding the ease and cheap way of communicating using SMS. Many services were also launched using the SMS as a platform for marketing, competition, reality television votes and many more. However, as we enter the smartphones era, the SMS or Short Message Services is now being replaced by the famous instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Hangouts and many more that has much more capabilities compared to the SMS. In addition, the instant messaging app is basically free of any charge compared to the SMS. So, with consumers nowadays opting to use smartphones, the option of using instant messaging such as WhatsApp, Telegram and other popular instant messaging application have instantly replaced the function of SMS in your phone. The SMS will still be a feature in your smartphones but it is now used as an alternative way of text messaging only. The cheap internet data plan that is now becoming more and more affordable worldwide has also contributed to the significant reduce of SMS users. The SMS was once a disruptive technology to the voice calling has now also becoming obsolete by another disruptive technology in the form of instant messaging apps.

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