Instant Messaging Definition

instant messaging definition

Instant Messaging in this era of smartphones means the ability to give message or information to another person or group in real time and the data of the messaging is not limited to text message only but also includes files, video, pictures and voice recording as well. The instant messaging starts way back in the early 1990s in which Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) experimented in applying text messaging in a multi-user operating systems. By the end of 1990s, several applications that allows multiple users to interact using text has been developed in the market.

With the emerging of the internet at that time and also user friendly desktop operating software, several instant messaging are made available and gained popularity at that time. Among the most used instant messaging is the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and also ICQ. These software are among the pioneers to introduce the concept of instant messaging to the mass market and also file transmission via messaging platform. Yahoo also use this type of technology and platform by introducing the Yahoo! Messenger in 1998. Chat rooms are an instant craze at that moment of time as users can open a chat room an invite people to participate and chat simultaneously. As this concept of instant messaging grew, the software that allows instant messaging have since grown as well. In 2003, Skype was introduced and it allows people to not just communicating using text but as well as transmitting video and also voice message. The instant messaging during the late 90s and early 2000 are more catered to the Personal Computers and laptops. However, with the emerging smartphones in the late 2000 and the introduction of apps, many instant messaging are developed to cater the smartphones era. Therefore, instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Viber, Hangouts and many more comes into the market. The instant messaging has now become a must function for any smartphones and enables people to easily communicate and send instant message to one or many users at the same time.