Skype Share Screen

skype workstation

If you are new to using Skype, probably you will want to know that the instant messaging application can do a skype share screen. By opening the Skype application in your computer or tablet, you can actually show a screen in your computer in which the other person in your contact will see as well. This particularly will be useful if you want to show some presentations slides to your contact as you are communicating with them. The share screen can also be used to show some applications or demonstration to your contact via Skype.

So, how do you execute the Skype share screen? First of all, you need to establish the contact using Skype first. Once you and your contact is online, click the plus (+) button in the call bar. There you will see the option of “Share Screens”. Then click “Start”. The screen of your monitor will be immediately broadcasted through Skype. However, if you have several computer monitors, it will ask you to choose which monitor to broadcast. You can always change the options of the share screen by clicking the “Change Sharing Options”. This setting will enable you to choose which specific window that you wish to broadcast and not the entire window screen. However, if you encountered problems in sharing the screen it is probably that either you or your contact have an older version of Skype. It is highly recommended you or your contact to install the latest Skype version for a smooth connection and screen sharing. If the share screen is not clear or buffering a lot, you need to check whether you have enough internet bandwidth to transmit sharing of the screen. You can solve this bandwidth problem by closing all the internet applications and also any internet video streaming that is using up the internet bandwidth. This will enable a smooth connection using Skype.