FaceTime over Wifi

facetime over wifi

When Apple first introduced FaceTime on iPhone 4, the application can only be used over Wifi only. Therefore, the users of iPhone 4 at that time would use FaceTime over Wifi instead of using it over normal cellular network as the current infrastructure at that time does not support the FaceTime using 3G or data plan. However, as the cellular network operator upgraded their infrastructure, iPhone 4S and above version that runs on iOS6 allows the FaceTime over Wifi as well as 3G connection.

However, FaceTime over 3G has limitations as it depends on your data plan subscription. You will end up with a hefty bill if you are subscribing to a limited data plan option. But you can choose to disable the 3G connection and only use FaceTime over Wifi only by changing the settings of the FaceTime apps. Just go to the Settings app and tap on FaceTime. Tap on the “Use Cellular Data” and switch it OFF. If you want to use back cellular data, just switch it ON. Once all this is done, you can start using FaceTime over wifi instantly. Just be sure that you sign in to FaceTime in your iPhone or iPad by using your Apple ID. This act as your caller ID as well. Ensure also you have an active internet connection as well as a strong wifi signal. A weak internet connection as well as a weak wifi signal may hamper your FaceTime connection. Make sure both you and your contact has the latest iOS and also iPhone 4S and above. The internet connection must also be strong by both ends to ensure a good connection of FaceTime over Wifi experience.